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MEP Services:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Low Voltage System
  • Solar System


CURRENT has both technical and maintenance team who provide complete electrical engineering design, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance to meet project requirements.

It also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order (known as scheduled maintenance) or prevents trouble from arising (preventive maintenance).


MEP department provide a complete design and execution service including procurement, installation, value engineering testing and commissioning to meet the specific project requirements.

Our highly professional design and project teams are capable of delivering the highest standard of workmanship and services with efficient pre-planning and coordination techniques. We highly prioritize quality services with Quality Assurance, Health and Safety Workplace as well as protection to the environment.

Low Voltage System

Our experienced project engineers and technicians who regularly undergo trainings and seminars are capable of executing as computerized buildings control system in accordance with control diagrams, schedule of points, special controls and specifications required by clients.

Building Automation is mainly used for Monitoring and Controlling of HVAC Equipment, Electrical DB, SMDB, ACB, MV Panels, ATS, & Plumbing Equipment and monitoring of Fire Alarm System, CCTV, Access Controls, Elevators, and other ELV systems.

Solar System

Current is dedicated to providing end to end solar solutions, manufacturing highly efficient products with cutting edge technology and research. We believe in offering our customers the best solar solutions for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications.

The escalating costs of the ever increasing energy consumption, is creating an immense burden on families and businesses worldwide, both financially and environmentally.

The need of the hour, for generations present and future, is to adopt a cost effective and sustainable source of energy. What better than the most abundant and omnipresent resource, Solar Power. Our existence itself in this Solar System is a blessing of this great power, The Sun.

Investing in Solar Solutions is the smart way forward. With an inexhaustible resource supply, customizable application and cost effectiveness, Solar Power offers innumerable advantages. These are further benefitted by the longevity assured. Imagine owning a power source with no input raw materials and minimal maintenance costs for 25 years. This fantastical dream is made a reality by solar power.

Current is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow with you. Our synergy will have a significant bearing towards ensuring lowered carbon footprints, providing energy security, and a cleaner environment, today and forever.