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About US

CURRENT experienced staff offers a broad range of capabilities under one roof, including low voltage distribution, electrical controls and communication systems, HVAC, Lift & Escalator, Water Treatment, Solar system, Plumbing, Gas distribution system, Piping.

Our staff of highly qualified individuals offers a broad range of expertise in the design and installation of Electrical and Mechanical systems for all types of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our devotion to detail assures careful craftsmanship designed to make controls and designs user-friendly as well as innovative solutions to the unique challenges of each project. Current prides itself on complete local knowledge of the Qatar.


CURRENT has a priority to deliver quality, service, design and installation at a cost-effective price with providing a personalized and innovative service to fulfill our client’s specific requirements at all times.  We strive to continually ensure that we maintain our name as an ethical and well respected ELECTROMECHANICAL contractor.

Our clients are our greatest assets, and we continuously strive to have excellent relationships with them by offering teamwork, support, and friendly service for the long term.

CURRENT takes pride in providing our customers with top quality workmanship, safe working standards, modern technologies and personal customer service.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith, we grow through creativity, invention and innovation, we integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Current Company will apply stringent quality control measures to all our interactions. Our services will be constantly improved through a process of continuous improvement to our company policies, regular client and consultant feedback and annual reviews by certified quality standards bodies.

By engaging Current Trading & Contracting, our clients are assured exceptional service from a company who will work to understand each client’s particular needs and deliver contracting services and specialty management solutions that will add value to their business operations.


QA/QC plan cover execution of WORKS/SERVICES. The Quality Plan should show how the requirements of quality will be systematically met by our Company for these specific WORKS/SERVICES.

Our project management team will play an unbiased role on behalf of the Client to maintain the high quality standards within the allocated budget, minimizing defects and re-work thereby enhancing the profit, reputation and saving time.

On large complex projects, all aspects should be managed through implementation of quality management systems and procedures which involves planning, selection of standards, procedures, processes and their control systems.

This ensures that the objectives of the Contractor and Client are maintained throughout the project.

Quality control procedures involve several activities in all areas of the project:

  • Quality Control of construction activities
  • In-situ QA/QC
  • Specification review
  • Deliverables Review/Preparation
  • Quality Assurance on design drawings and technical details
  • Document Control and Documentation procedures
  • Technical Support for Procurement

Safety, Health and Environment Information

Accordingly, CURRENT shall plan for adequate and methodical proposed Orientation Course and Safety Training of his personnel involved in the WORKS / SERVICES.

We shall enclose as a separate package (under this heading) his duly filled Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Questionnaire together with all supporting documentation.